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Celebrating your individuality.

Our Frames

Frames as individual as you

When it comes to frames, Optical Oasis is grounded by a one piece, one colour, one individual aim.

What does this mean for you? You are highly unlikely to pass others in the street with the same pair of eyewear sourced from Optical Oasis. As a person you are one of a kind, this shouldn’t change in your eyewear. We attempt to stock only one piece of each frame ensuring your eyewear is uniquely yours. This doesn’t stop at just frames, our lenses are individually paired to each of your eyes, resulting in precision vision for you.

The brands we feature are forever changing

This fluidity in stock allows us to consistently deliver on current trends, styles and seasons. We recognise that as a society of individuals we continue to evolve, our practice is purposely designed with flexibility to adapt and grow with the world around us.

Our Eyewear

We shop for frames like you shop for shoes.

We shop for frames like you shop for shoes. There is nothing more rewarding than restocking our shelves with an incredible array of eyewear pieces, including classic timeless everyday frames. We individually source the range you find in our store, ensuring that each piece we stock matches our quality standards and upholds our characteristic in store vibe. We guarantee you will find something perfect in our store, we have eyewear to suit all tastes, styles and budgets.

Come discover something special today!

Brighten up your look with eyewear today!

If you are looking for something specific, simply let us know!

Just because you may not see what you are searching for on our shelves, doesn’t mean we can’t help you to find it. We will do our best to source any eyewear you desire to match your budget!