Optical Oasis have a variety of sunglasses available from brands such as: Oroton, Jimmy Choo, Sass and Bide, Oakley, Maui Jim, Bolle and Rayban.  These include sunglasses just for fashion and sunglasses suitable for fitting your prescription lenses into.

Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses for all occasions, and just about all eye problems including astigmatism.  You might like them just for a special night out, or for sports, or for all day, everyday wear.  It’s even possible now to wear contact lenses instead of reading glasses as middle age develops. Ring (03) 9583 0855 for[…]

Spectacle Lenses

Optical Oasis offers you the latest in lens technology, including, Hard and Anti-reflective coatings. Polarized, Transitions, and thin, lighter lenses.  All staff at Optical Oasis are qualified to help you choose the best lenses for your needs.